Campground Rules

Here are a few rules to be observed so all campers may enjoy themselves:

1. All tubers & canoers entering campground property must have a wrist band.

2. All vehicles must stop, register, and obtain a pass before entering Wolf River Campground. You are renting a privilege to stay on our private property. If that privilege is abused, you will be asked to leave. Fee charged covers one unit, one family and one car per night. Rates are subject to change without notice. CHECK-IN AFTER 3:00PM AND CHECK-OUT TIME IS 2:00PM.

3. No drunkenness or profanity will be tolerated. You will only be warned once. Those offending will be evicted from their campsite. There will be NO REFUNDS!

4. Quiet hours are from Midnight until 8:00am. Please observe them, they will be enforced. All minor children must be at their site by 11:00pm. Please be considerate of your fellow campers, your taste of music may not be the same as your neighbors, so please keep your radios at a reasonable level.

5. Speed limit is 5 mph. Please drive carefully and watch for children.

6. Day visitors will be charged $1.00 per adult. You are responsible for all your visitors. Guests must depart by 11pm. Overnight guests will be charged regular site fees.

7. Pets must be on a leash and controlled at all times, cleaned up after, and not left unattended.

8. Campfires are permitted only in the fire rings provided. please extinguish your campfire when you leave your site or retire for the evening. No fire should be left unattended. Build a campfire not a bonfire. Please no garbage in ring fires. Grill tops are available at office.

9. Please dispose of your garbage and recyclables in the dumpsters located at the campground.

10. No littering. Please help keep the campground and river clean.

11. All RV’s and travel trailers must dispose of their gray water into the dump station. No draining on or into the ground.

12. Help preserve this forest. Do not cut or drive nails into trees. Firewood sold at the office.

13. Absolutely NO Fireworks! $100.00 minimum fine for vandalism, stealing or destruction of property, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

14.No life guard is on duty. Swim at your own risk. we have coast guard approved life-jackets. We recommend non-swimmers wear a life-jacket. If you have your own personal life vest, please bring it with you. Tubes that are rented must be returned by 7:30 pm every night. We reserve the right to shuttle all tubes and rafts in and out of the campground. Parents are responsible for their children on grounds and beach.

15. Management reserves the right to tell anyone to leave Wolf River Campgrounds for any violation of rules or if problems are caused. There will be NO REFUNDS! Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, loss or injury from any cause.

16. No Golf Carts, ATV’s, or Dirt Bikes allowed in the campgrounds.